by Michelle Conley / Michelle Conley

We lost you, our dear friend yesterday
We tried to help you in every way
Oh, how we wish you were here to stay
Now none of us know what to say.

Dash and Gee have been looking for you
They walk around looking all blue
The feeling we have is just too new
We know some day they’ll be with you, too.

We miss the loving times we had
The thought of you makes us sad
I took your bed up off the floor
And with that, we will see you no more.

We miss those big brown puppy dog eyes
Now we won’t be able to say “come on guys”
We loved to watch you run and play
We also knew it would happen some day.

The day it happened came just too soon
We got the call just before noon
We sent you to surgery to bring you back home
And now I sit here writing this poem.

The pain we feel is just too deep
Oh how we would love just one more peep
At our beautiful pup with the big brown eyes
And be able to say “let’s go nite nite guys”.

We let you go to ease your pain
Knowing we would never see you again
As hard as it is to live without you
We knew this is what we had to do.

It was all because the love we had
Even though it makes us very sad
We miss you so much in every way
And will continue to miss you every single day.

Daddy, Mommy, Blake, Dash and Gee


Michelle Conley