by Mike & Lil Russell / DADDY

Abby, I am writing this for daddy. This is too hard for him to do. He misses you so much and is carrying around a heavy heart. When I talk about you it makes him cry. He has all the words in his heart, he just can not put it on paper, so I want to do this for him. Daddy will always love and miss you. Sometimes we can talk about you and smile. Molly misses you. She is still looking for you. I told her that you are watching over her. There will never be a day that he will not miss you, there are alot of memories here of you and that is okay.

Daddy knows we did the right thing even though the right thing was very hard to do. You are in heaven where there is no pain and suffering and we know you are happy and healthy now and that makes us happy. Daddy sends alot of love and alot of kisses to you and he misses scratching your head, you really loved when he did that. One day daddy will meet you at Rainbow Bridge and scratch your head again. Love you always and forever DADDY


Mike & Lil Russell