by MR. HAROLD KNOX / Harold Knox Svc. Pets Momasetha

It’s sad to think, that we are not going to make it. It’s got to the point, Where I’m afraid that due to unclean hands of Landlord I will soon lose you. For some UNGODLY Reason, they just want let it die! I keep wondering what am going to do without you, and how I don’t want to say good-bye. Every time I find the nerve to say you are leaving, those old memories get in my way.

Lord known it’s only me that am deceiving. When it comes to saying GOOD-BYE that is just a simple word that I cannot say. There can be no way this can have a happy ending. You have helped me through it all I know the depression that I went through. YOU KNOW THE HEALING THAT YOU gave me. And I know you sense my tears, pain, anger, joy, frustration, and anxiety.

I seen all the caring in your eyes, and your touch; you are my guardian angel and I love you. You and your brother will remain together for the both of you have helped me survive. And it is cause of you that am finally getting the help that I need today. It was the look in your eyes and the constant biting and wimpering that you did daily
when you sense my emotions.

Am sorry that I could not make it comfortable this last Month due to stress. But As Long As we got King JESUS, we don’t need nobody else. And that we are next in line for a MIRACLE. GOD said it and He Meant it. We will be alright and I know you have the right to be with me and we must give it one more try and convince ourself that neither one of us will never have to say good-bye. The documents will prove that The rights of disability will be honored. I love you and Thank you!