by Nancy Vibrock / Nancy Vibrock Copyright 2006

Ghost, my beloved.

Magical dancer, you and I dreamt of the old days
Ghost, you were beautiful as you pranced and danced in that ring.
When you heard the “oohs” and “ahhs”, the claps, whistles, you held that elegant, head of yours a little higher, so strong, yet serene, aloof, you bet…

Remember the times…
Let our memory live again
It was so easy to love you.
All alone with our memories
Of our days in the sun.

I will remember you until I breathe my last breath
Will you remember me, until it is time. Will you wait for me at the bridge, so you can be at my side again? Oh yes, I will ache until I see
you prance the fields again.

I will weep not for the memories,
But I will weep because I will have to let you go
Remember all the good times we had, you and I,
All the places we traveled, all the times you licked my tears…
You, my beloved Ghost …
Yes, I let time slip away from us…
But we reveled when times were good, and you and I persevered
When times were bad…
The first time I ever saw that magnificent face,
Clearly I first saw you, smiling in the sun, and shining in the moonlight
I was so afraid to love you, but more, I was afraid to lose you,
no, not again. Yet again.
I cling to a past that let me choose,
I relinquish to a future that does not let me choose. Once there was light, and when you leave, there will be darkness.
You, my faithful friend, gave me everything you had,and oh yes,
you gave me light!

And I will remember you in my heart …Always

Goodbye my sweet baby! Mama will always love you.

In loving memory
Champion Scharo’s Ghost Dance
July 1, 1991- February 2, 2006
Now you belong to heaven, and the stars spell out your name.


Nancy Vibrock