by Nicki / Mom, Dad & Derrick

Dearest Missie,

Missie was a beagle/daxie mix that was adopted at our local animal shelter. She was rescued the day that she was to be euthanized. Our family had no intention of adopting, but she had other plans. She wormed her way into our hearts and become D’s little sister and Mom & Dad’s “brat girl”! She passed away at 2 a.m. on November 3, 2005. We were blessed to have her in our life for 7 wonderful (although to short) years. She passed away due to liver failure which she hid from us for several months(all the while keeping up
her happy and demanding ways).

We so very much loved you! Our hearts, arms and souls ache because you are not here to be with us! You brought so much love and happiness to all of our lives – all that you touched. You were a great spokesman for pound adoption and Lakeshore Animal Friends. You were the best friend that I ever had and were a great protector to “your boy”! God bless you and sleep with the angels, our darling Missie,
until we meet again!


With all the love possible,