by Nicky / Your Daddy, Mommy, and Sister Maggie

Our Precious Chloe Lynn was such a Beautiful Girl, a Buff Cocker Spaniel.
I always had funny names for Her Like Champion and Cleotokus.
She came into our lives and entered that special place in our hearts.
Since a little puppy, she was always peppy, and glowing, bringing all, 13 years joy.
She is a part of me, a special part of me, Pure Beauty, Pure Love.
We gave her a wonderful home, and she always would prance around, our house and our yard.
She loved her chewies, and always would have one in her mouth.
It is so hard to physically let her go, but that is being selfish on our part for we know our Beloved Chloe Lynn is in a better place now.
We Thank You Dearest Chloe Lynn for Being So Special to Us.
We did are best to Love You Unconditionally and Know You Loved Us So Very Unconditionally.
We wish You can forgive us for our human deficiencies.
We Will NEVER EVER Forget You My Dear Chloe Lynn.
We know You are finally at Peace now.
We Will Always be Surrounded by Your Spirit, and We Will See You Soon…
We Love You, Always Have, and Always Will…
You have Blessed Us, and You have been Always Blessed…