by Patricia Learnard / Patricia Learnard: 2002

Dear “Floyd”:

It has been nearly three weeks
since that terrible day.
We lost you so fast.
I am sorry that no one knew
of your underlying problems.
You were good at concealing
your problem.

I love and miss you more
than you know.
I have your pictures
around the house.
They only remind me
that I lost my beautiful boy.
You are sorely missed.
I had a special relationship with you.

It took some time to develop,
but I ended pampering you more.
You were a loving pet to me.
I am reminded of the times
we shared the computer chair,
and your snuggling with me during TV.

You greeted us
at the front door every day.
We miss your handsome face
in the window.
I will never forget you and
please know how much
you are loved and missed.
You will always by “my baby boy”.


Patricia Learnard