by Pellegrini


" A Gift "

Every now and then we are given a gift.

A gift that has no price or no real value just a gift.

As time goes on that gift becomes more valuable to only our family.

The gift is unconditional love understanding and friendship.

The true value is never known until it is gone.

That gift is our pets that have been gracious enough to come into our lives

and give us all that they have to give they ask for nothing in return.

Once they leave us to return home only then is their value truly understood.

They leave us with memories and better people for having them in our lives.

Our pets teach us to be more loving understanding and patient with others.

Helping to make this world a better place.

Once they leave we have the promise that we will see them again when it is

our time to return home.

They will be waiting at the door for us just as they did while they were on Earth.

What we need to do is try to remember the lessons that only pets

can teach and that will be our permanent tribute to them ****love each other

be tolerant and accept each being for what they are.

Jane Lee Crum-Pellegrini

In Loving Memory of

" Tribble "

January 12 2000