by Peter / Peter

Brought you into my life in the month of May
You were just a fur ball that loved to play
You hid my socks and ate my shoes
Put you outside and you continued to eat my barbeque
Then you grew up and stopped all that
Later even bought you a Harley hat
Tried to mate you but all lead to despair
Everyone laughed when you’d just hump the kids then the air
When I was sad you would give me a look and I knew that was your key
I knew you would get up and give me your paw and put your head on my knee
Whether I was happy or too sad to bear
I knew you would always be there
You grew old too fast my friend during my life which you did share
Maybe we all take a dog for granted thinking they would always be there
So I gave you the pills in hopes for a little while longer you’d stay
We all were happy when you really did make it to your 12th birthday.
Then one morning Your eyes told me what I didn’t want to know
The pain was too much, and now time to go
In my life here you are sorely missed, but I am happy I had you and are now pain free
>>That you are at the bridge with the rest of your family waiting for me.

Run Free Pain Free