by Renee Hartman / Mom

My beloved Bogus,

So here it is Christmas Day, seven minutes after midnight. We are fully
moved into our new house and OMG it is so much warmer and nicer
than that icebox of a house we were living in. Poor Thom had to do
most all the moving. Because of my very poor health and severe over
weight, I could only do the clean up as each room was cleared out. I’m getting stronger now, from climbing the stairs so much(smiles)
But we did all make it over here, with all cats alive and well. This place
is carpeted, is a split level house, and best of all is insulated. Yipee! I can
walk around barefooted most of the time, even in the dead of winter, and
often in shorts. I love it!! So do the kids and the cats. LOL! What a bunch
of play kitties they have turned into!

I have my own space downstairs in what was the utility room. Your
handmade tribute(which also survived the move) is on the wall directly
across from my bed where I can see it every morning when I wake up.
Sweetheart, I still miss you and I always will, but it’s finally starting not
to hurt so much. Babygirl is such a great comfort to me these days and
we are so close.

Please take care of your brothers, mother, and Patches at the Bridge.
I expect to see your adorable fuzzy face first when I arrive at Rainbow
Bridge myself.


I love you I love you I love you
Renee Hartman