by Renee Hartman / Renee Hartman 10/26/08 written at 9:30 am copyright

When there anniversaries are at Rainbow Bridge,
a special wave of joy and excitement flows
thru all of Rainbow Bridge and thru the Bridgekids.

For this is the times that all of the angels and the
Bridgekeeper himself visits the Rainbow Bridge.
Bogus, Cloud, and Bugsy dash to every last
part of the Bridge.
“Stop whatever you are doing and come
to the Great Gathering! Let’s go, let’s go. Hurry!”

Puppies, who are playing tag and chase, rolling
and tumbling over and over with giggles, all
stop and begain to gather together.

Kittens and cats, who are chasing mice(with
their consent of course), and who
are napping, climbing trees, watching the
shimmering aquatic fins in the rivers and streams,
yawn, stretch, and begain to gather in groups.

Even the ones who were abused, neglected,
starved, and lonely on Earth, start to gather
in groups and walk somberly but with great
joy to the great Rainbow Bridge entranceway.

A great hush of silence falls, as the time
swiftly grows near. All the Bridgekids
watch with anticipation
as the air starts to sparkle and shimmer
with all the colors of Love.

The first years and very young ones
have been placed at the head
of the pack. The older residents are
right behind them, waiting patiently,
but with great joy.

Suddenly, the whole Rainbow Bridge lights up
as the angels can be seen proceeding down
the path. And finally, the BridgeKeeper himself!

Every Bridgekid quietly bows its head in love
and respect. The angels gently stroke the head
of the Bridgekids, as they whisper softly in their
ears how they were so loved on Earth, and to
continue to wait for their very special person to
join them when his or her time comes. They
tenderly caress the heads of the
abandonded,neglected, and abused ones,
and whisper special unheard words of
comfort and love.

Then the Bridgekeeper opens his arms and
envelopes all the Bridgekids. In a voice more
beautiful than the greatest music ever heard,
he quietly reminds the older residents to take
special care of the new residents and the ones
who were so mistreated when they were on
Earth. To pray for, and forgive humans
ignorance and abuse. And finally, to continue
to send special little messages to the humans
who are grieving for their most beloved fur
friends. To help them remember more of the
happy times they had with them and of the
very special day when they first met and
bonded with each other.

The angels and Bridgekeeper spend a long
time in comfort and peace with the Bridgekids,
but finally it is time to go. There are sick and
dying pets and humans on Earth to be tended
to, who will need to be guided on their way
when being sung across to the Rainbow Bridge.
In one voice, the Bridgekids, the angels, and
the Bridgekeeper send a last message to all
the animals and humans everywhere on Earth.

“I Love You I Love You I Love You”


Renee Hartman