by Renee Hartman / Your human mother

Dearest Bogus,

I can’t believe that it’s now two years ago this very night that I sat vigil on my bed and guarded you as you crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. So much has happened and so many changes. 4 months to the very day, and within 1 hour of your passing, Cloud Warrior found his way to us and Begin to heal our broken, grieving hearts. He is the most lovely cream and white cat I have ever seen. His sky blue eyes are every bit as enchanting and gorgeous to look at as your iridescent eyes were.
And wow, he’s so smart.

No other cat could have ever filled the giant pawprints you left but him. He saved our sanity, and we saved his life. Two months later Little Seven was brought into our lives, and only with Cloud’s loving devotion were we able to bring her back from the brink of insanity because of the horrid abuse she had been subjected to for 3 months. That girl(you know who I mean!) should stay away from all animals.

Then came the litter of seven(yes I know)kittens, one of which was not destined to be long in this world, and came to the Bridge. Suddenly we were covered up in kitties, and had to give 3 of them away. That hurt!! I was getting attached to them. I still feel bad about Bernadette; she was forming a real bond with me,and I had to give her away because we had too many kitties. I found out later that she hated her new home and ran away. If she did not make it, I hope she came to the Bridge quickly.

Please look out for her; she was special to me and I still feel some guilt for giving her away. The other 3 we kept and they have turned out to be beautiful and very smart, loving cats. Claw, Fire(who adopted me) and Thunder(Baby Girl). I love them all, but Baby Girl and I seem to have that unique type of bond I had with you. It’s different though, because no other cat in the world could ever take the place of my Bogus. You were, and always will be first in my heart.

I took the time to light your special candle tonight, and put out a piece of the crushed purple velvet that you loved so much, and wanted to be buried in. I did this because in your very special and loving way, I have found myself being “woke up” at anywhere as early as 4:15 am to exactly 4:30 am for the last several mornings in a row. Five years ago if anyone had told me that animal spirits come back to visit, I would have fallen over laughing at them. Now? Not a chance in this world.

I miss you so much. Sometimes I wish I could go to sleep and wake up there at the Bridge(sigh). But I have living kitties here, including the one Daniel brought home several months ago and thankfully was accepted into the pride. Angus is a mess, but I love him too. I’m so sorry we could not save Patches, but he was too far gone. All we could do was to make sure he had plenty of food, water, and an outside place to sleep and be halfway safe. After helping see you across to Rainbow Bridge, it was much easier to see that he passed quickly and was given an honorable burial. Considering how much he suffered and how sweet tempered he was, I know he is healthy and playing joyfully at the Bridge. Please look after him too as a special favor to me.


I love you I love you I love you......
Renee Hartman