by Rhona / Rhona
from Southport, UK

We were topping up the petrol late one night
When in the dark two amber eyes shone bright
This adorable kitten came into view
As he made a beeline towards us two.

From someone’s house he’d slipped away
He’d got himself lost and become a stray
He had shiny black fur that was so silky
The feline equivalent of Black Beauty.

He was purring loudly and making a fuss
It was crystal clear he had adopted us
He was so tiny we couldn’t leave him there
So we took him home for some loving care.

He settled in to our immense relief
And was always in scrapes and up to mischief
Everyone said “What a stunning cat”
“Yes” we replied “We’d agree with that”.

He owned us both for nearly 20 years
And in that time there was love and tears
The tears were when he brought joy and laughter
And the love was when he needed looking after.

Now he’s used up all of his nine lives
And we loved and cared for him until the day he died
Because on us his love he did bestow
We will forever miss our beautiful Shadow.