by Russ and Dede / Mommy, Daddy, Sunny, Mr. Murray, Rosie, and Puddles

My sweet Miss Daisy Lu, its been 6 months since you passed. Not a day goes by that your mommy and daddy don’t think of you. You spent the best 4 months of your life with us. When we found you or should I say you found us you were 2 months old. Our other two dogs took to you like hey I know her. The day you came down sick and we took you to the clinic and told us you had parvo crushed our world. We held you in our arms to comfort you from the pain. The vet then came to our car and gave you a shot to let you go my dear girl. Your mom and I cried all day. When we came home the dogs knew it to. They felt the pain that we did. So today I went to your statue that we have in the backyard and talked to you and cried.

My dear Miss Daisy Lu, run and have fun. Play with that squeek squeek and flower pot. There are no diseases
on your side of the rainbow bridge.


Until we meet again Daisy Lu,
Russ and Dede