by Sally / Your mum Sally

My princess kitten it’s been fours years. I can’t believe it either. How life can go on without you. But reality is that is does. Just not in the same lovely way when you were here. I still miss you kitten and think about you often wishing you were here to give me a special little kiss and cuddle. It has gotten easier darling I cannot lie. But nothing and noone could ever stop me loving you. Like I have said and will always say you hold a special place in my heart. One that noone else could ever and will never fill darling. I miss you often and I still hope I did all that was best for you. I dream of the day we will meet again. Forever in my heart My Darling Jeanie Your Mum and best friend always xxxxxx There still could never be enough kisses to show you how much
I love and will always miss you.


Kisses for you my darling,