by Sandra Laskey / Sandra Hayes Laskey
Ellies in a better place no

Please say a prayer for me tonight as I sit in this cold scarey hospital without the security of my home. I had trouble breathing today and my daddy rushed me to the doctor. They say it may be a mass or maybe a collapsed trachea and that is rare for a boxer/lab like me. All I want is to be home again with my daughter Bear and my mom and daddy so please say a prayer for me tonight so tomorrow I may be home where I belong.


Thank you for all your prayers last night they helped me hold on till this morning so I could leave this life behind and say goodbye to the parents that raised and loved me for nine years that I was lucky enough to stick around. How I can breath with no complacations and run free with my brothers that left before me and all I ask is that Bear stay with mom and dad alittle while longer to help heal the pain they feel from the loss of me.


Sandra Laskey