by Sandy & Family / Mama Sandy

Tippy was my little baby boy. He was born here with a mother of a pekingese. First time I set my eye on him, I had to have him. He grew as 6 week old. He was the sweetest, smartest little dog I ever had. He would try to play with cherry tomatoes. And throw it up in the air til it busted on his head. (He loves it.) During the winter he would also do the same by finding some snow ball.

Everyday of every second, he would always sit by me. Every time I eat pizza he would soon be there to beg. He was so spoiled. But yet never are to bite anyone. He was so loveable and would everyone laugh that he come across with. He loves his cat. He think they’re his babies. (strange dog). I always would remember how he would sleep on top of my head or toes at night. Never before I would know that I lose him soon.

SOMEONE HAS TOOK HIM AWAY FROM US! My mom was in the hospital for surgery and I was at my dad’s house. I could have taken him with me while I had a chance but my brother will be home part time. Very stupid of me to leave him there. Someone has left poison out on purpose. And when we came home late evening, we notice that he was very, very sick. We called the vet, but was said that the doctor wasn’t in as he was on vacation. That’s so they didn’t want me in til morning. It was too late for my little Tippy that night.

I tried to comfort him with my words that he would be okay. I never knew that he was poisoned at first. Tippy had done something that he never done before he died, when I talk to him in comforting words, he laid there with his face a glowing and his happy eyes stared at me. He knew his time is up, and knew that I would be very unhappy. He would whine with his last breath saying “it okay mum, be don’t be sad. It’s my time” And I said I love him. Then he died in my arm. I cryed all night and whole week that my eyes did not have tears left. Very sore. I miss him so much.
He passed away 3/28/03.

Loving Memories Of
Tippy Tipper boy


With Love Always,
Sandy & Family