by Shari and Kevin / Mommy & Daddy

On a cold February day in 2002, I went to Petsmart where Friends of Life Animal Haven was holding adoption day. I was there to pick up Courtney, a kitten we recently adopted. In the cage above Courtney’s was Angelica. She was not to be at adoption day that day but bolted in the carrier and refused to get out for her foster mom. So Angelica went instead of the other kitty that was suppose to go. At Petsmart, Angelica ignored everyone until she saw me. She kept grabbing at me and wanting me to pay attention to her. She reminded me of Puffy, the kitty I had growing up. We adopted both Angelica and Courtney. Like Puffy, Angelica had major cattitude and her favorite pastime was picking on our doggies. Angelica passed away of kidney failure at the age of 15. She will be dearly missed.


Will Always Love You,
Shari and Kevin