by Sharon and Bob Hoel / Mom, Dad, Zyggee,
Bandit, Whitney,

Dear Sara (Hoel), also known fondly as our “scardey bear” – here it is Sunday, October 27th, 2002, exactly one year ago that we had to say goodbye to you because of cancer. We are glad you didn’t suffer long and you lived your last few weeks
like the beautiful little lady you always were.

Over the past year we have thought about you as we do Apollo everyday. You are all around us enveloping us in your unconditional love. The Bostons, Bandit, Whitney and Derek miss your nightly baths. We remember how they lay so still as you took care of each of them every night, it was a ritual for you and they loved it as we did watching you tenderly care for them. Your bully sister, Zyggee, went into a real funk, nothing could raise her spirits, she was totally lost without you and it showed so badly. We tried to give her extra attention, but we couldn’t replace you and the bond you shared with her.

On July 23rd, 2002, sadly your grandpa (breeder) Percy Hailstone passed away and we know he went straight to the Rainbow Bridge to take care of all the bullies there and now you are reunited with him and your adopted bully brother Apollo. Hope you are having a good time with them up there at the Bridge. We are still trying to come to grips with his passing but just knowing the two of you are together again helps. Zyggee went to the funeral to say goodbye for the two of you, she knew it was her grandpa and we are sure you were there in spirit too that day.

This summer was very poignant for us scardey bear, as the time rolled around for playing outside. The Bostons missed having you to chase with them although we never knew who was really chasing who, but you were always in the midst of them! Then there were the times that you chased and played with Zyggee and became a real bull terrier, bucking and bronking, and having a great time. We really missed you playing with your beloved kong (we have put it away for good, no other dog will ever have it, it is our remembrance of you and it sits on the credenza). There was no one to tease us incessantly with the kong, although remember how good dad was at times being able to get it away from you to throw it for you to get it, didn’t happen very often but when it did it sure was fun to see you race for it.

You lived for your kong in the summer but each night there was that time when dad would put on his gloves and come and wrestle with you for a bit to get the kong out of your mouth. The look in your eyes when dad came out the door with his gloves on was funny because you knew what he was coming for and weren’t about to give the kong up. Oh well dad needed the exercise anyways!! We remember fondly how you loved dad’s pats, oh how that sent you absolutely wild and that usually followed once he had retrieved the kong. You would toss and turn and jump in the air with pats in between. We can see it vividly as we are typing this reflection of our first year without you.

Oh dad still doesn’t get the couch as Zyggee now stretches out dead centre as if taking up some of your space to make him sit on the floor as per usual when the two of you used to hog the couch!

Scardey bear, our little white ghost, we miss you terribly, but we have such wonderful memories of you that help us through the days but as everyone will know, we ache to hold you again and wish you could have lived to be 100 years old. It is not fair you had to leave. We have pictures of you everywhere and look at them fondly and try to focus on the funny things that made you you. We take walks on the boardwalk and say hello to you where your plaque is and
your brother Apollo as well who preceeded you.

I know you are not missing your baths or nail cuts, those certainly weren’t for you, but you sure did love meeting people at our yearly Dog Party. This year we got snowed out so were saved from having to tell the thousands of friends who came to see you each year that you had gone to the Rainbow Bridge. Because of your personality you flew through your Canine Good Citizenship with a breeze earning your title C.G.C. because of your loving, free for all ways.

How is your brother Tully?? Are you still boy crazy??? You were so funny with boy dogs following them around love struck, but unfortunately they always seemed not to notice your advances, we think of the funny stories with Coyote and the dog from obedience who came to visit with you here at the beach. It was their loss Sara, you were the best. We laugh out loud each time we think of you sneaking around the garage to go and see your boyfriend Coyote and how dad watched you slyly as you snuck slowly, but quietly down the side of the garage, and caught you on the other side, the look on your face when you got caught was priceless, we will never ever forget that one!

Well I guess it is time to end our first reflection, we could go on and on, but it helps us to know you are here in spirit and taking care of us as usual. I hope your heard our candelight ceremony, you share the page with your brother Apollo.
Take care scardey bear, we hope you know that you are forever in our hearts and we think of you every day.

Please say hi to Percy for us and Apollo and Tully. We hope they have your favorite kong up there and you are still playing your teasing game with Percy.


Lots of love,
hugs and kisses xoxoxox
Sharon and Bob Hoel