by Sherri Brewer / Sherri Brewer Copyright 2008

Hello, my sweet little Rainee. How have you been?Making alot of new doggy friends, I bet. You have always been good at that. You are so sweet..I love you! Your Sister Shayla dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. You know she hates to dress up but you on the other hand..loved it. I went through all your halloween pics and laughed so hard and cried so much. I miss dressing you up. I hope you liked the outfit I put on you when I placed you in your grave with your favorite toy. I know you did, you never complained about anything. I love you and so does your sister. I thought I saw you on halloween and guess what? you were an angel! The most beautifuliest angel I ever saw! I knew you would dress up. Love you much!


Sherri Brewer