by Shirley & Terry / Mum & Dad

It has now been two years since you both left for the “Rainbow Bridge”, we both miss you so much and the pain does not seem to go away in fact the 5th & 19th July are a nightmare for mum and dad.

Selous you went first at the age of 8 years, you were always Tiggy’s big brother even though you were the youngest, you came to us as a pup of 18th months because your mum and dad (at that time were in the RAF) and could not keep you anymore. You were put in quarantine because you were born in Germany, and for some reason did not like to be cuddled, but when you came to us we soon changed your ways, cuddles for life and you loved every moment of it. You would do anything for a biccy, even though you were still scared of Tiggy and would always move from the fire if he came in.

Tiggy you were a pain to Selous, ok I know you were an old boy of 21 years when he arrived, and did not like dogs but you kept him in order you also had to make a move from London and did a runner for 3 days, but you came back home. We both loved you more than words can say. And our last words are “Thank You”, to both of you for the love and friendship you gave us, we will always remember you.


We'll meet you at the bridge,
Shirley & Terry