by Sue Scheck / Sue Scheck copyright 2004

Trixie was a Kitty,
Who had no one to love;
She wandered through her lonely life
`Til a voice came from above.

It told her of a happy place,
Where she would be the queen;
It guided her and led her there
She waited to be seen.

Then one day it happened,
Bette rose from bed;
And saw the snow white kitty,
With flea bites on her head.

She loved her and she fed her,
And invited her inside;
Trixie purred contented,
And thanked her heavenly guide.

Trixie lived for many years,
Contented and serene;
A life of health and happiness,
A fluffy pure white queen.

As mornings turn to sunsets,
And springtimes turn to fall;
Trixies bright eyes lost their sparkle,
And soon she heard the call.

Lost in Bette`s loving arms,
Soft and gentle death;
Hearing tender loving words,
Breathing her last breath.

Now she lives at Rainbow Bridge,
Where she can jump and run;
Frolicking from morn til night,
And basking in the sun.

Our little angel kitty,
Looks at us from above;
She sheds a tiny angel tear,
She knows we miss her love.

She knows there is an empty space,
That only she can fill;
But a brand new different kitty,
Would surely fit the bill.

Little Ferris kitty,
Needs a loving heart;
Little Yenta Trixie,
Knows just where to start.

Ferris was a kitty,
Who had no one to love;
He wandered through his lonely life,
`Til a voice came from above.

It told him of a happy place,
Where he would be the king;
It guided him and led him there,
He now has everything.


Sue Scheck