by Sue Scheck / Sue Scheck

My precious little Roxie,
Called to the Bridge, this day;
God needed one sweet angel,
And took my girl away.

He took part of the sunshine,
That brightens up my day;
He left me with an emptiness,
So cold and dank and gray.

I know you suffered, Roxie,
And He knows what is best;
He takes you from your misery,
That in peace your soul may rest.

I held you gently on my lap,
And smelled your soft sweet fur;
I listened for, but never heard,
Your gentle soothing purr.

I listened for your heartbeat,
As your life began to slip;
And whispered…soft…”I love you”
And sent you on your trip.

” Go toward the light”, I whispered
“There is a rainbow, there;
And you will have a happy time,
Pain-free, and without a care.”

“This is where you wait for me,
Until I come to you;
Together we will cross the Bridge;
Friends forever, through and through.”


Sue Scheck