by Susan Mc DOnald / Shantelle Mc Donald
Copyright 2005

You stand ready waiting
for the command
it comes ……….
Your off
you attempt to race the wind has begun

I see you now …running free
your black coat rippling
as you race the wind
You have seen the hurdle ahead.
you steady your gait
collect yourself and soar through the air

Touch down… Your fine black legs
run smoothly onwards. You are beginning to tire now but still your heart beats
you put your ears flat back against your head
and run on. Running free

You know beside you run your friends
you feel there breath.
As you slow for the corner you slow into that
high stepping pace, flashing your feet like a
tap dancer.

Then you are off again running free.
leading the pack on the way home
until you reach the end and slow down
your glistening side heaving
you leap delicately in to the van
because you are our black princess
Ebony the great dane bred to run


Susan Mc DOnald