by Susan / Susan E. Wheeler, Copyright 2008

You were feral before you were caught,
But for me, the Friend I sought.

A bundle of joy curled under my chin,
Lonely and scared and very thin.

At six weeks old you tested my days,
With all your antics and kitten ways.

You brought me gifts, not always dead,
And always wanted that pat on the head…

Look Mom! What I brought for you,
Mice and birds, even a snake or two…

You accepted each stray with dignity and grace,
You even let some of them lick your face.

The years went by and took their toll,
I could see in your eyes right thru to your soul.

That you needed to go, the time was near,
I wanted to comfort you, tell you there’s nothing to fear.

But you left so quietly, so frail and weak,
My heart was broken I could barely speak.

After 16 years you left too soon,
Now your my sky, my sun and my moon.

Til at the bridge we re-unite,
And cross together and all is right.

For My Squirt who went to the Bridge in 2001