by Suzanne Dorsey / Mommy

My pain is still new, but I know in time I will heal. And my memories will be sweet of my sweet baby. He had nine lives.

When he was a puppy, he was stomped by a mule. I rushed him to the vet, 14 yrs. ago. He miraculously survived, and
I guess he was stronger for it.

The next yr. he got into rat poison
in a barn and ate a good bit of that,
and I rushed him to the vet,
just in time to save him.

A few months later he was snake bit and his face & head swelled the size of a basketball. Rushed him again, and good ole Dr. Beeson
came to the rescue again.

A few months later, a man came to my door to ask me if I had a yellow & white dog, and I said “yes” and he said well, his head is stuck in a tree in the woods. I rushed to the tree and sure enough, all you could see was his body. He heard my voice, and he cried and wriggled until he finally pulled his head out of that knothole. Another miracle.

A yr. or so later, he was gone and I called and called, I got in my car and searched the neighborhood. (We live in the country). I saw his dog buddy Chelsea hanging around an old tobacco barn, and I yelled out “Chelsea, where’s Bloomer” She started barking and looking towards the barn. I got out and there was Bloomer up in the top of the tobacco barn. He had somehow climbed up there after something and couldn’t get down. He must have been there for hours.

The next yr. I was in Virginia at my Dad’s where we often visited, and I wasn’t paying attention and Bloomer was missing, and we called and no answer. For four days, an intensive search, including fliers, radio announcements, you name it, insued. I was so upset and so was my family. After all, my Dad lived on an 8 lane highway, major intersection. The town was a metropolis of 4 cities connecting together. Bloomer would never be found. But lo and behold, on Monday an ad appeared in the morning paper “found yellow & white beagle” right next to my ad “lost yellow & white beagle”, and I miraculously
found my Bloomer.

A yr. later Bloomer ate an entire steak bone while I wasn’t looking and got pancreatis and had to be rushed to the emergency vet on Sunday. They saved him in the nick of time.

A yr. later he got into poison that a neighbor had put out to poison raccoons. He got such a large dose, that they almost couldn’t save him, but Dr. Beeson did,
after I rushed him to the vet.

A few yrs. went by without incident. In 2000, I noticed Bloomer’s stomach getting very large. I took him to Dr. Beeson, and he had to go into surgery immediately. He had a 6 1/2 lb. tumor in his belly that was called an engorged spleen. They said it wasn’t cancer.
Took it out, he miraculously survived at age 12.

A yr. later a lump appeared on his head. I took him and they took it off. I didn’t know it was cancer then, but it was. It came back a few months later, and we started him on prednisone and he lived up until last week Nov. 8th. He outlived most beagles, and especially since all that stuff happened to him. I wish he had more lives. He was something else.


One in a million,
Suzanne Dorsey