by Suzanne Schultz / Kayla’s Mom Suzanne

Lord it has been over 7 months since Kayla came to be with you. I know how busy you must be. I just had to say thank you for letting Kayla come back and visit me. The gentel nudge in my lower back when I am on the floor. The feel of her fur on my leg. She was so small I was always tripping over her. More than once I have caught a glimps of her. At first I thought this was just wishful thinking but then Carl saw her in full earth form. Once at the food bowl then in the hall walking slowly like always toward our bedroom. She never stays in full earth form for long. She was my chia mix Angel on earth now she is my Heavenly doggie Angel. Thank you for the 15 years you gave me with her. Please if it be your will let her keep visiting me.
Again Lord thank you.
Kayla 7-3-94 to 8-5-09


Suzanne Schultz