by Tanya Schuehle / Mommy

My sweet little Smooches! I miss you so much! It’s only been two months since you were taken so unfairly and unexpectedly. That was the worst day of my life. I am so sorry! I wish that I never would have opened the door… I wish he drove up 2 seconds earlier or 2 seconds later… I wish I could have had another moment with you… I wish you were here and that this is just a terrible dream.

A day hasn’t gone by that I am not reminded how special you were to me. Every morning I wake-up alone, I miss your kisses all over my face… everytime I sit down, I miss you curled up on my lap… everytime I look at Shelby, I think of how lucky I was to find you that day and what a truly wonderful dog you were… every night when I go to bed, I cry myself to sleep because it’s so unfair that someone as sweet and loving and so full of life as you was taken when you still had your whole life to live. You never even thought about being mean to anyone – all you ever wanted was to be loved! And we all loved you so much!

My heart is breaking this very moment thinking of you and wishing you were here.

I learned about the Rainbow Bridge today –
It’s a place where you are running through the tall grass chasing butterflies and armodillos… it’s a place where you are never scared or lonely, and always happy… it’s a place where you hopefully will never remember that horrible day… it’s a place that I pray with all of my heart really does exist and that you will be there, wagging your tail and jumping with excitement to see me again… it’s the place that I will look for when it’s my time to go so that we will be together again, forever. I’m glad I learned of this special place today because it makes me happy to think of you there, happy and carefree, until the day I can hold you in my arms again. And I promise that when that day comes, I will never let you go! Just as I will never let go of my memories of you and how much happiness you brought to me in the short time we had together here.

I hope you know how much I loved you and still do. You are the greatest and I will always miss you and think of you and cry… and I will never stop loving you!


You will always be my little Smooches... I LOVE YOU!!!
Tanya Schuehle