by Tara Haskett / Tara Haskett 2011

Spot I yell and you come to play. Spot I yell and we go today to run around and chase each other. Spot I yell and you come to lay your pretty little head next to mine for one last time I moved away and grandma took mommy’s little boy to help my pain. I came back and you were 4 and well when you were ten arthritis set in. When you turned twelve you were doing better but then that dreaded December day I got a phone call on my birthday. It was grandma saying Spot’s past away. I missed you that day. I hid in my room and cried. Only God knew why I loved you Spot. I love you still so please don’t forget me your little friend who loved you so long ago and still.

SPOT 1998-2008 I love you.


Tara Haskett