by Terri & John Strange / John Strange

March 3, 1983 – May 15, 1998

If only if only’s
Could bring back yesteryear,
I would trade all of my tomorrow’s
to once more have you near.
To see you, to hold you to tell you
that we care.
To tell you that we love you,
once more your life to share.

If only if only’s
Could take away this pain,
this hollow saddest feeling
from which there’s no refrain.
The nights are cold and empty,
the morning light is poor.
Your passing took our hearts away and
stripped us to the core.

But if only’s are if only’s
And cannot change what’s been
but we have happy memories and
still the gift to dream.
That one day in the future again
we’ll see your face when
we are all together
in a far far better place.


Terri & John Strange