by Terri & John Strange / John Strange

For Minstrel
March 3, 1983 – October 3, 2001

To once more play the game again
the way we used to do, or hide beneath
the covers afraid of something new.

To watch the magpies feeding, or meet with
the Milky bar Kid, these are some of the
many things that Minstrel often did.
With little Bireme by his side we moved
from house to house, and in each new
garden that we built he always found a mouse.
Then little Bireme passed away and left him
all forlorn, and just like all the rest of us
his heart was sorely torn.

But now he’s home with Bireme,
together once again forever
in that garden
where only peace may reign.
And when our time is over we will join them in that
home and spend our time together,
never more to roam.


Terri & John Strange