by The Green Family / Green Family

🙁 My cat Love
” I love, love , love, love, love, love you!”
I already am here missing you. You arent sitting with me.
Your poor little sister is running back and fourth in the home.. she is looking for you.
You were so young! You weren’t even 2! 🙁
Yet you left such a mark in my heart.
I almost wish I never said how much I loved you…. Sometimes I think I’m jinked. How does a cat die of such a big problem at a year and a half?
You were fine… you were laying around. I was so sick.. We all were. I am soo sorry, IF I wasn’t sick.. or if I just noticed*** Maybe I would have been able to save you? The next day was when I really noticed… he is still laying around… then I noticed you weren’t going to the washroom, you werent drinking and eating. 🙁 I am so sorry. I loved you so much. I didn’t mean to not notice you, I was sleeping for days and hallucinating and now you are gone 🙁 and I think I know we saved you from the streets. I know last year when you got sick, you wouldn’t have made it then….BUT I told you we would protect you, we would love you, we would care for you! Im just soo sorry I never noticed, Im so sorry you were taken from us, I am so sorry I never got to say good bye, I am so sorry! I love, love love you Love please watch over us and protect us.


The Green Family