by The Monteiro Family / The Monteiro Family

It’s been approx. three years since we’ve lost Jazzy and Buttons (cats), almost a year since we’ve lost Holly (dog), and only a few months since we’ve lost Kitty (cat). Although the sadness has passed, we still feel pain when we think of them. However, we are thankful that they are no longer suffering with their illnesses and that we will see them again. They are all buried at the same place, Angel View Cemetery in Middleboro, MA. I feel comfort knowing that they are all together and happy.

Time does heal the pain, however, they are always on our minds. I take comfort in knowing that we think of them every day and I know that they are thinking of us, too. We still have our Chips (cat) to keep us company, but we will always have a special place in our hearts for those we’ve lost.

Jazzy, Kitty, Buttons and Holly: We love and miss you so very much. I know you will be waiting for us.


Missing and Loving you Always,
The Monteiro Family