by The Morris Family / your friend

It’s been 4 months and I am still missing you. Some days are easier than others, I admit. But I still tear up walking down the dog food aisle at the store. Somedays I sit and stare at your grave, I close my eyes and can almost…like a whisper…feel you near me. I want to wrap my arms around your neck and hug you once more. Feel your thick fur against my neck as you press your head against me for a ‘Kota hug.

I miss you greeting me with a smile each morning while I have my coffee, wrestling with me in your own goofy way (such an alpha dog *grin*), and just listening when I needed to talk. You were always so good at that. Watching me with your chocolate brown eyes while I rambled on and on about this or that; you always seemed to have all the answers and I often wished you could speak to me in a language I could understand.

I will hold our memories close to my heart, I will always love you and will always miss you my big ol hairy dog. Thank you for being so brave, for being so loyal, and for being my friend…and thank you for waiting to say goodbye to your kids.


Hugs and ear scratchies,
The Morris Family