by Theresa / Your forever friend, Theresa

Hello my little tough guy. So many years have gone by since I last saw you, dear little Buster. I recall what a small Boston Terrier you were and how brave you were. You never failed to jump between me and any obstacle that you thought might harm me, and I’m sorry to say that included my husband. You wouldn’t hesitate to try and
take a hunk out of his leg.

Thank you, my little tough one. You were precious and my first Boston Terrier, and how those 9 years with you went by so quickly. I surely loved you and felt that we had been through a lot together. I thank you so much for your loyalty and love. And I loved you so much in return. I recall what a picky eater you were. Chicken and rice was your favorite dish and usually that’s what you got for supper, after I cooked and skinned the meat off the chicken and missed it with rice. But you were certainly worth all that time and effort.

You loved to walk and we went out about every day, but then you would stop and could not go on. I carried you home and later the vet said your little heart was giving out. And how my heart broke. And then you left us. You died quietly in the car as my husband was taking you to the vet. How it broke my heart to see such a good friend go and I still miss you after all these years.

I loved you so, my little tough guy. I’ll always regret the ten months we lived in Kansas and I neglected you so much. I think my illness was making you very sad and you would lay on the couch for hours with your little head between your paws And my own depression prevented me from taking care of you. And I’m so sorry. All the days I spent in the hospital I thought of you and was so sad. But later we both got well and you were your tough little self again. Thanks for being my guardian and loyal friend. I’ll always, always love you and we’ll meet again on Rainbow Bridge. Boston Terriers are just little angels with wings, and you are my little angel, never to be forgotten. Goodbye,little tough one.
I love you now and always.


Always in my heart,