by TNT Ranch / TNT Ranch

Follow me from room room.
Be my couch buddy, especially on early Saturday mornings.
Lie on the computer desk while I was on the internet. We called her “Cyber Sable”.
Turn her head and stare at Tom at the same time he would turn to stare at her.
Meow at me really loud (I would say she was yelling at me).
Follow us out to the the horse’s pen and walk around her hooves.
Lie in the horse shelter watching rabbits.
Sit with me on the front porch steps.
Murmur meows as greetings.
Love cat treats.
Listen to really loud music with us.
Love to curl-up on a cushion outside on the porch during rain storms.
Love to drink water from plant-pot saucers.
Watch the toilet water swirl down the bowl.
Come in the shower stall after I turned off the water.
Use the litter box right after it was cleaned.
Hang around in the bathroom during my morning shower and while I was getting ready for work.
Meow at the bathroom door in the morning if it was closed (while I was taking my shower).
Beg for people food.
Walk back and forth in front of the couch if Tom or I were eating there. Her tail would sashay near your plate or bowl.
Lie on the back of the couch above your head, purring.
Bite my hair at the scalp, sometimes employing a claw on my scalp to get a better grip.
Play with rubber bands, laser pointer dots, and her toy mouse.
Run into the house, take two bites of cat food, then want to run outside immediately. (We were/are door monitors)
Let me play with her paws.
Fish mint-flavored dental floss out of the trash.
Like to play with Q-Tips.
Like to play with closed safety pins and chase string.
Climb up and down the tree to get on the roof of the house and meow at us from above.
Like to sit in the cat tree on the back porch and meow any time anybody walked out the back door. (Toll Booth)
Find any tree frogs that may have gotten into the house.
Hunt lizards and once, a small snake.
Like to lie on the top of the spare freezer to capture the heat from the vent in the winter.
Cuddle up on Tom’s lap in front of the pot-bellied stove in the barn.

She once caught a weasel. (Both Sable and the weasel survived)
She once, (that I know of) faced down a rattle snake.
She climbed up a telephone pole on two different occasions. She ended up coming down on her own eventually.
Fridays are canned food nights as a sort of treat. Sable and her mother, Casper, would create a meowing duet until they
received their canned food.


Sable Enriched Our Lives Because of Who She Was,
TNT Ranch