by Toni Litwin / Toni mom

Dear Woody, today marks 2years the you left for Rainbow Bridge, August 24, 2013 at approx. 7:50PM. Just wanted to say thank you for sending me Danny, the little doxie boy that was abused and unloved…I changed his name to Buddy and sometimes call him Peanut, it has helped. Your sissy Parker misses you picking on her and sees you in the kitchen and on your recliner quite often, I miss you the most my little frito toes…I will miss you forever. Oh my dear Woody Odin Thunderthroat Dog, I will carry you in my heart til my dying day, I miss you chasing squirrels, and begging for treats, picking on Parker, and pacing the hall til I get up and come to bed, I miss you biting me when your in trouble, I learned that it was never ever your fault, i miss singing to you and getting the stink eye…Sweetie, I hope you are having a more than wonderful time at Rainbow Bridge with all your friends…someday you will look up and hear “Hey Woodster, wanna go for a ride” then we will be together forever…….

Toni mom


Sleep well Sweet Prince
Toni Litwin