by Tuesday Miles / Love, Tuesday, Randy, Nelson, Kacee & Kitten Brodie

From the first day I searched for a new kitty, to help with filling the lonliness of our young cat willow. We had never had to kitties at one time so this was the first for us. I searched the shelters, feeling the pain from all the other kittens who reached their paws out of the cage at me, it wasn’t just the right kitty, after about a week, I found this ad for a 6 month old kitten, when I opened up the ad, there you were, with the most handsome face, I new at that moment I needed to do what ever it took to adopt you my love.

Randy & I drove almost an hour, it was raining that night, getting closer to christmas. I had gone out and bought new toys & made a blanket, a new cat carrier for you. I even sat in the back seat on the drive home, you meowed,alot, the only way I calmed you down was to sing to you, All my Love to You !! Can’t you see how beautiful you are to me, cant you seeeee, from that day that was our song, as we got closer to the house, I started to think of your new name, and it hit me, OMG !! You are a prince, Prince William, naming you after my heros son Princess Diana. So Handsome, and the BEST PURR that sounded like a lullabye. My heart hurts so much for you, I miss you so much. I am so blessed the morning before you died, we spent that time in the backyard, loving on me, me combing your hair, rubbing your cheeks.

I will forever have your love in my heart, as I know you were so loved by us all. Brodie misses you, and still sits at the back door waiting for you to come home. I will be getting your ashes back in a couple of days. This is not goodbye my Prince William, that day when I am called home, I know I will be back at your side, loving you as you did all of us.


All my Love To You !!
Tuesday Miles