by Vanditta Diwakar / Your mommy Vanditta

My babies were born in my room. I was very excited because it was the first time I had seen baby kittens. It was mysterious how they lightened up my dark life. I couldn’t stay away from them for too long. When ever I was in school, I always talked about them.

They had become so important to me that when my mother asked me to give them away, I fought with her and told her I won’t give them up. I won, my mother let me keep my three babies and 9 months later, my cat gave birth again to 3 babies. My babies brought so much joy to my life, I was the most happiest person alive.

Then some thing tragic happened in 2007, Don left and never came back, a year later Gah suddenly couldn’t see anymore, 1 month after this Bug died and three weeks later Gah also crossed over. Barely 4 months had gone when my darling, my life Cheeky passed away. They all left me with a wounded heart but Cheeky took a part of my soul with him, he was my favorite baby, losing 3 cats in such a short time is very depressing, I feel like dying but I have 3 more cats to look after, my babies need my attention here.

I know I will meet my babies when my time here is up, I am just waiting for this day to happen. I have been angry at God and hurt beyond belief but He might have some big plans stored for my babies.

I miss all of you my babies, I can’t live without you all but some how I will have to. I am just waiting for my time here to end so that I can come and meet you and than nothing can separate us.


With all my love,
Vanditta Diwakar