by Vicky / Mum

Last April, I submitted a poem to your “tribute” board after losing my much loved cat Daisy. It’s taken me nine months to feel strong enough to revisit and read my tribute, and I felt I needed to add a little something else. I had to have my cat put to sleep and it was the hardest, most terrible thing I have ever had to do. For weeks I struggled with what I had done convincing myself I could have tried harder to keep her with me. I’m still sad. I still cry for her. But I now know that my decision was the right one. I could no longer see her suffer in the way she had –
that would have been the cruelest decision of all.

I am a spiritual person and I know that now and again Daisy visits. I see her from the corner of my eye and sense her very strongly at certain times. I like that very much. We had Daisy for 14 years. She had been terribly mistreated when we got her. We couldn’t even stroke her she was so vicious. She was a hopeless case, and rehoming her was never really on the horizon. We took her home. We were terrified of her at first! But fourteen years later, I could hold her in my arms
like a baby and she loved it!

To close, I want to say “thank you” to Daisy for coming into our lives. You made our house a home, you were a constant companion, a fantastic listener and a great friend. Bye darling.


Lots of love to you always,xxxxx