by Vicky / Victoria Louisa Perez 2006

Days have rolled into months,
which have now turned to a year.

My memories are all I have,
they’re as fresh as the day they came.

For when I need to see you,
I just close my eyes and
there you are in front of me,
I reach out and we are one.

Your Presence sets my soul alight,
I feel alive again,
the warmth you gave is in the air,
it keeps my heart from cold.

Let us run along the banks
of the tired river,
we will share the suns rays again
as we rest by the willow.

Summer blooms fulfill our buds
as they’re carried in the breeze,
tunes of joy grace our ears
as the birds sing their songs.

Days seemed endless as time
was on our side,
the sun carried on shining
to keep the dark away.

Now my friend our sun has sett,
so little time we shared,
days go by but I’ll think of you
so long as my heart beats on.

When I want to walk with you,
I’ll look into my mind.
I’ll look down to see you
at my side as the best friend
who helped me live.