by Victoria Shaw / Mommy Victoria

This about my beloved pet Dog Darcy Ruseell Shaw. I had her puppy first Eddie Myth Shaw and Darcy and Eddie live for years together. I had wonderful time playing in the garden, but move to Stoke when things start to go wrong with Longron Park with show dogs; never forgive Stoke Conical for making put my beloved pet dog Darcy down because home late. I don’t speek too show. Dogs know for what done to Poor Darcy. In end wasn’t alwon walk any where in Longton we never left Holcoft Stafford. Now go remember nicknames called Darcy Little lamb tail Darcybo and she was good dog; miss her so much wish. She back with Nana your new house. I could take walk again; got social with other pet dogs. Stoke never social pet dog with show dog.

I always miss my Darcy. I love till the end so Darcy Russell Shaw may you rest in peace.


With Love,
Victoria Shaw