by Yanti M / Mommy

Sam was only 9+ years when he died.The pain that I felt that day and everyday after his passing is too much to express.Some people said that he was only a cat..but for others who knew Sam and the bond that he and I shared, Sam was more than a cat.

He was a loyal friend,a furry cuddly baby,a confidante, a tv buddy and sometimes a teacher.
He taught me many of life’s important lessons. How to live well,be happy and make the best of every situation. How to love unconditionally and accept someone’s imperfections. He was a truly loving cat who was loved by everyone who knew him. He taught me about loyalty and kindness,patience and perseverance.

He was not always a regal and majestic cat..he started out a naughty, spunky kitty who broke many vases and dishes. But as he grew older,he grew into a mature cat with many wonderful qualities.
Sam will always be in my forever faithful buddy.

Losing Sam is the most painful feelings as he died so quickly..If he had held on I would have nursed him through any illness no matter what it takes..but i know he would’nt want that. I try to think that Sam would rather me remember him as the majestic cat that he was rather than an old sickly cat.

So now I’ve lost my best friend and perhaps my heart will never be whole again..That part of my heart is forever Sam’s to keep.


All my love forever,
Yanti M