Cadbury by Beth / Beth

My little Cady, our time was short together, but you are still my little baby. It seemed that we always had a Bond. Even when you were still a tiny kit we had a bond. You would always run over to me and give me little Cadbury kisses on my nose. I would always laughed even though they smelled of bad milk. As you grew and your siblings drifted from me, it seemed as if our bond grew stronger.

You became my little shadow, by best friend. I watched you grow, I watched as you learned new things and tried new foods. Remember the time that you ate the books in the hall? Even though I was mad at you, I couldn’t help but to smile as you looked so cute trying to pull another one out to chew on. At meal time you would always dance back and forth, or as we called it the “Cadbury I’m hungry dance.” You were so full of life, then today you were taken from me forever.

As we stood the in the vet’s office I looked down and watched as you took your last breath. The only thing I could think of why you had to go is that our Lord needed you. I hope that you are no longer hurting. You will always be my little Cady no matter what. I look forward to the day that I cross the Rainbow Bridge so that I can be with you again my little one. I love you.


Rest In Peace My Little One, With Love.
21, Nov 2005