Cadbury Coco by Robert & Natalie / Your mummy and daddy

To our darling Cadbury,

How empty life is without you. Thank you so much for being the most wonderful soul we have ever known. Since that first day that we brought you home from Chulalongkhorn University when you were 9 weeks old, you have filled our hearts with a love that we didn’t know was possible.

During your first 3 years of life in Thailand, you were so wonderfully cheeky and made us laugh every day. How lucky I was to be able to stay home with you day after day and grow with you. Do you know how much you taught us? Whether you were swimming at the beach at Ko Samet, playing with your friends, or just lying between us – all of us dreaming the same dream, you did everything
with such a love for life.

When we took you to Japan, how popular you were!! Everyone wanted to touch you and feel your beautiful silky fur and look into your wise, expressive eyes. You loved to come everywhere with us and jumped into the car as though you were going to drive it. How faithfully you waited for your daddy at Tokyo train station in the evenings. You would recognize him from a distance and your gaze wouldn’t leave his face until he reached you, all the while your little body shaking with excitement. So many people called you ‘Hachiko’ because your loyalty was unwavering.

When we finally brought you home to Australia, you knew it was time to stretch your legs. The only thing you loved more than running around the parks, was being with your family while you did it. And how much you loved your extended family – you squealed with joy whenever they came to visit and showered them with love. You discovered so much and were so happy. You talked to us constantly and made us laugh out loud every day. You knew exactly what you wanted and made sure we gave it to you. How much you enjoyed your BBQ’s and sitting between us on the couch, having your belly rubbed or
just resting your head on our legs.

Cadbury, we love you so much! You were the world to us. You were our most cherished friend. I have never known a living being to give as much love as you. You were our guardian angel and we miss you so much, it’s unbearable. We will miss your waggy tail, your kisses in the morning, waking up with your head on our shoulder. We will miss your beautiful eyes, your cuddles, your conversation and your love of life. We will search for you everywhere even though we know you are here.

Thank you so much for choosing us and spending almost 10 years with us. You fought so hard to stay alive and beat the blood disease but in the end, you had to go. How we wish we could hold you one more time and cover you with kisses that you so loved.

We can’t wait until we meet you again our darling boy. Until we can come home to you, stay safe and happy and know that we love you with all our hearts!


We will love you forever
Cadbury Coco
20, Mar 2006
Robert & Natalie