CAESAR by Stephen D / Poppy

From the very first moment I saw you,
From the very first time I held you,
When you got hurt I felt your pain,
When you would create messes in the house and
then give me those sad puppy eyes,
When you would crawl into my bed at night and
snuggle up against me,
When you would do the funniest things
when I needed to smile,
When you would be so happy to see me come home
After so many years with you by my side
I knew it was love.

When time had taken it’s toll and
I knew you only had little time,
I knew just how much I loved.

When the time came to hold you for the very last time,
When “goodbye my love” were the last words you heard,
When I had to let your spirit leave your body,
I knew it was love,
How I am going to get through each day without you,
How every thought of you will
bring tears to my eyes,
How the memory of you will forever be
with me
How pictures of you will remind me
of my broken heart
I know it will be love.


I love you my sweet baby,
5, Nov 2002
Stephen D