Cain by Joe Stott / Joe

I bought Cain as a puppy, lovely friendly pup, as I lived alone at the time; He was my best pal.
He once ran away from me; it was a few miles from home. I was frantic, but as I got near home I heard him bark. I was so relieved as he was only a pup. I used to take him for walks along banks of Loch Lomond; he hated water, too. He took a dislike to the postman who was scared to put letters in as Cain grabbed them. I had to buy a post cage to keep the posties hands safe. He barked all time, but he never harmed anyone. He grew into a lovely big dog. Everyone loved Cain. As time went by, Cain went off his food and became ill. I let Cain go to sleep on 11th June. I miss my big pal so much x.


With love,
Joe Stott