Cali was our “grand dog”. We own her sister Autumn. Our son Andy and Amy are Cali’s parents. We adopted our dogs on the same day. When we got the girls they were about 6 months old. They were different in many ways but they were both great little Yorkies.

Cali loved people and she liked her little dresses and fancy collars and her tiara. She did not seem to mind being dressed up and always had a ribbon in her hair. She was always beautifully groomed and was as cute as she could be. Everyone loved Cali. Her Mom owns a nail salon and Cali was a regular in the shop. Many of the ladies that came to have their nails done would hold her and she loved that. She had so many adventures during her little life. She won as cutest dog at the local festival and liked going in the car with her family. Cali had the best parents and they spent so much time with her and their other dogs. Cali’s life was full of joy and her toys. She loved to sit on the back of the chair and look out the window. She spent a lot of time doing that.

A few weeks ago she started to have some health problems and was treated by her vet. Two weeks ago she seemed to get much worse and returned to the vet. She was put on antibiotics and pain meds. Further blood work showed that she was in kidney failure. On Wednesday October 11 she earned her angel wings and made her way to the Rainbow Bridge. The day she died I kept her for a few hours in the morning and she was so very weak. I have a cut glass pineapple on my windowsill and we always have rainbows when the sun shines. That morning there were more Rainbows and the color seemed more brilliant. I feel it was a sign that Cali was ready to make her final journey. She went gently with her Mom and Dad holding her. She was buried with her little rhinestone collar and her tiara which were two of her favorite things. The next morning again the rainbows were very beautiful and there was one on my chair. I feel that was a sign from her that she made her trip and was at peace. Many tears were and still are shed for this beautiful little girl. We will never forget her spirit and liking to be in charge but most of all her love for people. I am so blessed to have been able to take care of her for a few hours on her final day. She was never alone during her illness.

Cali you will forever be in our hearts.
October 11, 2023
Andy and Amy Manker written by John and Vicki Manker