Callie by Cathy Jones / Mommy


I found you in a birdbath
All curled up in the sun.
I walked out there to see you
Though my head told me to run.

You looked at me with those sweet eyes
And meowed as if to say,
You might as well just take me in
Cause I’m sure here to stay.

I didn’t need another cat.
The one I had was fine.
But somehow you knew before I did
That God had made you mine.

And soon you’d wove yourself inside
My heart and house to stay.
And I knew the day you found me
Had been my lucky day.

For 13 years you loved me
Like no one had done before.
I never came home late at night
When you weren’t waiting by the door.

You were my snuggle kitty
And you loved sitting in my lap.
I would curl up Sunday afternoons
With you to take a nap.

You loved fresh food and water.
And you always let me know.
To follow you and fill your bowl
And not to be so slow.

The joy that you gave me
was a blessing through and through.
And a special place in my heart
Will always be reserved for you.

How could you get so very sick
In just a short few days?
How could I not have noticed
How you changed your little ways?

You could not eat or drink or walk
Or jump up on the bed.
All I could do was feed you
And caress your little head.

The vet was very good to you
But could not make you well,
I think he knew you soon would go
But me he could not tell.

Oh how my heart was breaking
When I felt you slip away.
I held you in arms and cried
And begged you please to stay.

I hope you didn’t suffer
As you said your last goodbye.
I hope you felt my arms round you
At the moment that you died.

And now that you’ve crossed over
To be with God on high
Please wait for me and meet me
When I get there by and by.


I will love you always,
28, May 2003
Cathy Jones