Candy by Melanie and Melinda / Melanie and Melinda

My baby candy,

I well so dearly miss you. Your brother brandy is very lonely and well greatly miss you. From the botton of my heart I will miss you. I’m very sorry for doing what I did and I hope and pray that you well forgive me. No matter what you will stay in my heart. I cried for days. I just could not take that you were gone. I had wished that I was not doing what I was at the time you were going out out and go the bathroom. I am only 12 and this is my first time losing a dog. She was so close to me and I loved every moment I had with her and I thank god for blessing us with her. I cried so hard that I had headaches. I prayed that god would not take her but he did. I will greatly miss you and I love you, my baby Candy, and your good friend.



your sisters,
Melanie and Melinda